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The Best Fall Diffuser Blends of 2022

cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger - all the vibes of autumn in a bottle!


cozy + spicy, these are the scents of autumn!

I get so so sooooo excited every year to start filling up my diffuser with the cozy + spicy vibes! give me cinnamon EVERYTHING!

I've helped make it super easy for you to find your new faves: check out these blends, save them on Pinterest, and shop all the oils on one shopping list you can easily add to your cart!


my top 3: 1. ginger snaps, 2. anthro fall, 3. toasted marshmallow


Bottle Your Favorite Blend!

this is my favorite tip of all time: once you find a favorite diffuser blend, make your own bottle of it!

no gathering bottles and counting drops - just pick it up and pop it in your diffuser!

I have an assortment of free seasonal printable labels for everyone here

.... if you're a member of the Essentially Inspired tribe, use the link below: it has even more free labels + recipe sheets + a blend printable and shopping list!


Essentially Inspired tribe exclusive resources:

if you're already part of the Essentially Inspired tribe, here are some diffusing resources exclusive to you! { tribe website password found in FB and Insta pinned posts! }

{ the blends & scents website has a link to subscribe to get an email or text with a fresh monthly diffuser blends you'll love for the season!! be sure to subscribe! }


why diffusing is my favorite

ditching & switching away from the toxins in candles, plug-ins, and room sprays was my reason for grabbing oils in the first place back in 2015!

we were starting to think about starting a family, and { being the researcher I am } I kept reading how air fresheners and fragrances have a ton of things in them that are pretty bad for pregnant moms + babies.

thankfully, a friend helped me switch them out! happy lungs for our whole household!

I needed SOMETHING to make our home smell amazing, and I became OBSESSED with trying different diffuser blends!

the cool part? every day you can put in a new scent! no more being stuck with one candle or plug in smell for months at a time! WOOOOO!!! #freedom

And I'd love to have you join our community for YOUR wellness journey!

Helping be a guide and a friend is my FAVORITE!

You can do this! And I'll be there to help - however you need!




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