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scent your DIY projects with your favorite blends!

wishing that sugar scrub or body butter could smell like your new fave diffuser blend? well, it can! read on for tips!


just for the smell of it

if you're like me, you find a favorite new diffuser blend and you can. not. get. enough.

turn that favorite into soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, room sprays..... #allthethings

yep! immabout to blow your mind!

here's how:

  1. grab that favorite blend { see below or this pinterest board for inspo! }

  2. make a "blend bottle" of it { blog with instructions here }

  3. create your DIY, using your blend bottle instead of the recipe's oils!

BOOM!!! you now have that glorious scent of your creative dreams in all of your DIYs!

browse my favorite blends

looking for a new fave?! look no further!

some of my favorites are right here, but to see them all, visit this Pinterest blend board!

so so good, right?! these are your soon-to-be favorites for sure!!

label your creations!

I have an assortment of free seasonal printable labels for everyone here

.... if you're a member of the Essentially Inspired Tribe, use the link below:

it has the complete set of 5x more free labels + recipe sheets + a blend printables and a shopping list!

Shop here to join the Essentially Inspired Tribe!


Essentially Inspired Tribe exclusive resources:

if you're already part of the Essentially Inspired Tribe, here are some diffusing resources exclusive to you! { tribe website password found in FB and Insta pinned posts! }

{ the websites for blends & scents and crunchy living recipes have links to subscribe to get an email or text with fresh info you'll love!! this includes 12 months of printed fun snail-mailed to you! be sure to subscribe! }


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