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The 12 Best Summer Diffuser Blends

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

a hint of citrus, a dash of floral, and even a little woodsy! get ready to find your new fave!


diffuser blends for the best summer ever!

there's nothing like an amazing diffuser blend to take a day from 'great' to 'amazing'!

it has the ability to touch those deep memory emotions and give you #allthefeels

check out my favorites for this time of year! ...and I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts once you try them! comment on the pinterest pin of your fave!


my top 3: 1. blueberry lemonade, 2. blow pop, 3. toasted marshmallow


Bottle Your Favorite Blend!

this is my favorite tip of all time: once you find a favorite diffuser blend, make your own bottle of it!

no gathering bottles and counting drops - just pick it up and pop it in your diffuser!

I have an assortment of free seasonal printable labels for everyone here

.... if you're a member of the Essentially Inspired tribe, use the link below: it has even more free labels + recipe sheets + a blend printable and shopping list!


Essentially Inspired tribe exclusive resources:

if you're already part of the Essentially Inspired tribe, here are some diffusing resources exclusive to you! { tribe website password found in FB and Insta pinned posts! }

{ the blends & scents website has a link to subscribe to get an email or text with a fresh monthly diffuser blends you'll love for the season!! be sure to subscribe! }


why diffusing is my favorite

ditching & switching away from the toxins in candles, plug-ins, and room sprays was my reason for grabbing oils in the first place back in 2015!

we were starting to think about starting a family, and { being the researcher I am } I kept reading how air fresheners and fragrances have a ton of things in them that are pretty bad for pregnant moms + babies.

thankfully, a friend helped me switch them out! happy lungs for our whole household!

I needed SOMETHING to make our home smell amazing, and I became OBSESSED with trying different diffuser blends!

the cool part? every day you can put in a new scent! no more being stuck with one candle or plug in smell for months at a time! WOOOOO!!! #freedom

And I'd love to have you join our community for YOUR wellness journey!

Helping be a guide and a friend is my FAVORITE!

You can do this! And I'll be there to help - however you need!




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