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The Best Diffusing Tip!!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I LOVE those fancy diffuser blends that have a bunch of different oils!

..... but I really do NOT like having to collect all the oils and count drops.

Here's my favorite tip for always having your fave blends at the ready!!!

Step 1: grab your favorite diffuser blend! Here's an example!

{{{ a link to my favorites is at the end! }}}

Lushious lemon essential oil diffuser blend - lemon, jade lemon, ylang ylang, cinnamon bark, cassia, eucalyptus, spearmint

Step 2: grab an empty 5mL bottle

Step 3: multiply the number of drops in the diffuser blend x10, adding to the empty bottle!

{{{ so in this case, 30 lemon, 20 jade lemon, 20 ylang ylang, 10 cinnamon, 10 eucalyptus, + 10 spearmint }}}

Step 4: swirl and enjoy!!!! No more running around the house, tracking down bottles!!

PRO TIP: to make it even easier, grab some dropper tops from Amazon! They twist right onto the 5mL and 15mL bottles! {{{ links below with free printable labels! }}}


Favorite diffuser recipe blog post:

Diffuser recipe Pinterest board:

5mL dropper tops:

15mL dropper tops:

And if you'd like free printable labels, head here!!!


Want in on oils and the wellness lifestyle?!?!

Here's more info on how I got started!!!

Excited to welcome you into the tribe someday!!!!


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1 Comment

May 11, 2023

I was just thinking I totally need to make the blend in a 15ml ready to use once I get the amount of drops right for the DIY version. Just curious why cinnamon was used in this one which could totally change the smell in place of lemon myrtle. I don't have lemon myrtle but think I'll sub clementine or else just order some lemon myrtle. I've read it's more sweet and lemony smelling than regular lemon. I love this and Citrus Fresh together for a spa like filled room 😀

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