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the amazing gift of diffusing!

you've just been gifted the thoughtful gift of a diffuser! now what?!?!


welcome to the world of diffuser blends!

prepare to have your mind blown! YES, you can absolutely have your spaces smell so so good while also ditching the toxins in candles, air fresheners, and plug-ins.

diffusing is so easy and fun, AND you can change up the scent any time you want!

the diffusers also don't use heat to disperse the scent { I always used to be worried about leaving a candle burning or having wax melts get too hot! }

but coolest of all, they also can help support the emotions, body, mood, and wellness!

here, we'll share our tribe's favorite blends for diffusing, PLUS info about how your diffuser works!

using your diffuser:

it's easy peasy, lemon squeezie!

  1. add water to the fill line { either a ridge or red bumper }

  2. add drops of essential oil { start with 2-3 drops! }

  3. click the button to turn it on!

the diffuser will automatically shut off after it runs out of water, or based on the amount of time you have it run for! { different diffusers have different settings - check the info in your box! }

click to pop down to the FAQ section for tips, tricks, and info on things like cleaning your diffuser, switching between blends, types of water to use, etc!


favorite pre-made blends

Young Living makes it SO easy! they have some pre-made blends that just smell amazing, or are for a specific benefit { and also smell amazing } here are some of our favorites:

  • Lushious Lemon - a few types of juicy lemon blended with a *hint* of mint and cinnamon. this will make your mouth water when you smell it!

  • Seedlings Calm - it's the soothing scent of the babies line: all snuggly lavender plus some floral hints!

  • Stress Away - the name says it all: a limey, vanilla-y deep breath in a bottle

  • Christmas Spirit - spruce, orange, + cinnamon - like a hug in a bottle!

  • Believe - woodsy, floral, with a hint of citrus + Frankincense

  • Evergreen Essence - blend of Christmas Tree oils! - like literally Christmas trees that weren't sold! this blend is fantastic, limited edition, and seasonal.

  • Simplified Collections - a set of 3 oils made "just for the smell of it"! they're new each season, limited edition, and sell out FAST! set an alarm for Dec 1, Mar 1, June 1, Sept 1 for the releases! past favorites: Seaside, Tropical Tango, Candy Cane, Pink Champagne, Orange Spiced Cider, Gingersnaps.

there are probably at least 15 more blends I LOVE and adore for all kinds of reasons: if you're looking for something specific (floral, woodsy, cinnamony, citrus, summery, for emotions) give a shout and we can help you find your favorite!


favorite homemade blends

these are blends you can make yourself! grab the individual bottles of oil, then add the number of drops in the recipe to your diffuser! SO GOOD, and totally customizable to YOU!

Codi's top 3: 1. gingersnaps, 2. blueberry lemonade, 3. toasted marshmallow


these are blends you can make yourself! grab the individual bottles of oil, then add the number of drops in the recipe to your diffuser! SO GOOD, and totally customizable to YOU!

  • do I have to empty out / clean the diffuser when changing blends? nope! most of us just reload with water and whatever blend we fancy and we're good to go! you totally can dump it out / wipe it out in between blends, but totally not necessary.

  • how often should I clean the diffuser? I usually wipe mine out with a damp cloth when I can see any buildup / discoloration from the water. just wipe, rinse (keep water away from that air port!) and you're good to go!

  • what type of water should I use? I prefer to use filtered tap water, but you can use bottled or distilled if you prefer! my thoughts: if you're ok with drinking it, it's probably ok in the diffuser. the cleaner source the better, but filtered tap is great!


  • no mist being created? check that the level isn't high (plate can't vibrate). if not that, sometimes adding too much essential oil can make the mist not come through. keep it under 10 total drops and you'll be good to go!

  • mist in there but not coming out the top? usually this is because the fan is blocked! make sure the diffuser is on a hard surface so cloth isn't sealing over the fan inlet.

  • water puddling underneath? check that the splash guard and the diffuser cover are both seated correctly - if they're not, the water will build up and run down the outside!


ready for more? join the Essentially Inspired tribe!

the cool thing about using essential oils is that you automatically get assigned as part of a tribe of people! this tribe shares recipes, new diffuser blends, and helps you get as much out of your ditch & switch journey as you'd like!

if you just go to and place an order, you'll get placed with someone random based on where you live and be locked in with them!

OR... you can grab the affiliate referral link from your friend who gifted you the diffuser and then you'll be a part of the Essentially Inspired tribe!

what that looks like:

  • we keep you in the know via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email, and/or text: however you like to get your info, we've got you covered!

  • we are a community of individuals coming together with positive vibes to take small steps towards our own goals

  • we have a TON of fun doing it! lots of laughter and fun!

  • buy whenever / whatever you'd like: you'll never feel pressured. this is YOUR JOURNEY towards your own goals!


why diffusing is my favorite

ditching & switching away from the toxins in candles, plug-ins, and room sprays was my reason for grabbing oils in the first place back in 2015!

we were starting to think about starting a family, and { being the researcher I am } I kept reading how air fresheners and fragrances have a ton of things in them that are pretty bad for pregnant moms + babies.

thankfully, a friend helped me switch them out! happy lungs for our whole household!

I needed SOMETHING to make our home smell amazing, and I became OBSESSED with trying different diffuser blends!

the cool part? every day you can put in a new scent! no more being stuck with one candle or plug in smell for months at a time! WOOOOO!!! #freedom

And I'd love to have you join our community for YOUR wellness journey!

Helping be a guide and a friend is my FAVORITE!

You can do this! And I'll be there to help - however you need!




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