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Codi's favorites


these are collections of some of my most favorite things that I talk about and suggest #allthetime to my friends & family! 

grab what works for your goals, leave the rest!

when you shop goodies using these links, you'll also get access to all of the resources made just for the Essentially Inspired tribe of oilers!

note: YL is amazing and offers a 24% discount to all customers - look for how to unlock your discount as you check out!



Fall & Winter Diffusing

I love diffusing so so so so much!  these are my favorite oils for the fall & winter.  diffuse them alone or combine into glorious, delicious smelling blends!  

{{{ stalk my Pinterest for inspo! }}}


My Top 11 (if I had to choose)

it's so hard to narrow it down - I use so many thing for so many reasons every day.  all day, every day.  but if you MADE me choose, here's what I can't live without right now!



Cleaning & Home

you don't need a bunch of experts to tell you that traditional cleaners, soaps, sanitizers, and pesticides aren't great for you (#understatement).  this is one of the easiest switches we made!!  


Face Serum & Mermaid Hair

when homemade is better than store-bought.  these are two of my favorite DIYs!  visit the blog and pinterest for recipes + details! 

{{{ DIYs on the blog }}}



Custom Bundles with Codi!

I really enjoy helping people come up with ideas to get started based on their needs!  I'd love to help you!  Let's chat, and I'll put together a custom bundle just for you!

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