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There are more and more studies coming out every day it seems showing that things we thought were safe because they're so readily available on the shelves miiiiiiiiight not be so innocent.


Well-intentioned developers made things with goals of low cost and super effective.....

but unintentionally a lot of those things are being found to be pretty bad for our health.

Have you noticed the rise in the stores' Organic and Natural options?!?!

Every dollar is a VOTE for what we want on shelves, and you can see the tidal wave coming as prices drop on these better-for-you options and more and more become available as people change their buying habits!  

It's all a sliding scale on the "natural" spectrum.

There are a lot of things that are BETTER than what you used to use, but they may not be the most clean.

We have ditched and switched SO MUCH in our homes from this one mail-delivered source,

and have actually saved a lot of money in some cases!!! 


The Kits are Legit

It sounds like a gimmick that there's a "starter kit" to buy to get you started, but it's actually a brilliant collection to support full body wellness right from the start.

Being experienced oilers now for a number of years, we seriously and honestly couldn't hand pick a better set with all the knowledge and trying hundreds of oils. 

They looked out for us to help make a decision that there's NO WAY a brand new oiler could learn and choose on their own to get the same benefits of supporting body systems! 

  • Digestive

  • Respiratory

  • Sleep

  • Detoxification

  • Oxygenation

  • Muscles

  • Tension

  • Stress

  • Spine & Bones

  • Immune System

  • Inflammation Response Support

  • Cellular Wellness

  • Emotions

  • Cleaning 

  • Antioxidant 

  • Lung Health

  • Skin

  • Energy

These are just a small few of all of the things we use these oils for! 

Many of us have purchased kits over and over, because we use these oils all the time, are addicted to having diffusers in every room, and at 60% off we can't get a better deal than kits!  Trust us.  It's legit! 

The Premium Oils Starter Kit

Here's all the goodness included in your kit and a price breakdown for those who like to see the deal they're getting!!!

  • Desert Mist Diffuser

  • DiGize Vitality 

  • Peppermint Vitality

  • Citrus Fresh Vitality

  • Thieves Vitality 

  • Lemon Vitality 

  • Frankincense

  • Peace & Calming

  • Panaway

  • Stress Away 

  • Lavender

  • Valor

  • Raven 

  • Thieves Cleaner Packet (make a 32oz spray bottle)

  • NingXia Antioxidant Juice (2 packets) 

  • 24% Off of Retail Prices Forever!!  

  • Our Tribe of Oilers Community!

Make this your first Essential Rewards order at checkout, and get the free promo product of the month, and get 10% back in points!!

Kit Cost Breakdown Oils Side.jpg

Are You Ready for Change?

Use this button to get started overhauling the toxins in your home with an Oils Kit! 

use and diffuse !!

Diffusing oils is SO good.... it gets the beneficial oil molecules into everyone in the room!!! 

It can set a mood for fun or relaxation, boost spirits, create a homey vibe, and support wellness!

Diffuser Options

With your kit, you get a chance to choose which diffuser you want!!! 

They're ALL amazing, but the Desert Mist is a favorite and a great 'bang for your buck'!!!

The Aria with the glass dome is like the mecca of diffusers!!

Which one are you going to choose??  Which fits your decor best?!?!

Kit Cost Breakdown Diffusers.jpg
Diffuser Choices.jpg

get your wellness on !

So cliche, but "knowledge IS power".

We'll help you to empower yourself to make health and wellness decisions for you and your family!

We're a tribe, we're new and old lifelong friends, and we're in it TOGETHER.....

....because this journey is wayyyy more fun with a tribe!

  • 200+ different oils

  • Supplements

  • Babies & Kids 

  • Pets

  • Beauty & Makeup

  • Bath & Shower

  • Home & Cleaning

  • Healthy Weight Management

  • Ancient Grain Flour, Granola, Pasta, etc.

  • ....... and like everything else you could want!

Let's have some fun!!

There's soooo much more than this!  Come on, friend!!! 


Fun and wellness support are waiting for you!!!!


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