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spicy pumpkin pizza

this recipe by @halfbakedharvest is one I will for SURE make again!

warming and delicious on a crispy flatbread with spicy pumpkin puree, melty cheese, and some great veggies

you'll make this one again and again!

I feel like most nights when I'm needing dinner inspiration these days I find myself scrolling either the Instagram account or website of @halfbakedharvest.

so many of the recipes in my "tried it, loved it, make it again" category in the Paprika app have come from her!

and one of the best parts? you'll have justttttt the right amount of pumpkin puree left to make a pumpkin bread loaf! (chocolate chips not optional)

here's the link to the full recipe:

these are the modifications I made to the recipe this time.....


  • I swapped out the gouda for parmesan, because that's what I had!

  • wanted a quick option for the crust, so grabbed some pre-made flatbread

  • didn't feel like shredding kale, so I used a bag of chopped salad mix with: kale, brussels spouts, broccoli stems


  1. I cut the spice in half, because I can't take the heat hahaha

  2. doubled the garlic #doubletheyum

  3. stored the second serving of pumpkin sauce in the fridge and made the second one fresh the next day

I think next time I make this, I will probably make-ahead the pumpkin sauce! the flavor just deepened and was even yummier the second day after it had time to rest.

pumpkin bread coming right up!

here's the pumpkin bread recipe I used that was perfectly portioned for one loaf using the rest of the can of puree.

I loveeeee the nutty flavor of the Einkorn flour, and the whole concept of ancient grains! I get my Einkorn flour here.

Paul Hollywood would have said "it's underbaked" a bit, but it was so good! sure to add in some chocolate chips!


liked this recommendation?

check out some more of my favorite things! it's always fun to see what real people really use in their real lives for gadgets, recipes, decor, home staples, favorite wellness hacks.

...... and who knows - maybe they'll become some of your faves, too!


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