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the secret to comfortable sleep

I used to go to bed freezing at night to only hope to not wake up in the middle of the night totally overheated. this is my favorite bed time gadget!

it's called the Bed Jet, and it's like a little personal heater / AC unit!

...and it is a game changer!

so it comes with a remote that you can use in a few different ways.

I use a method that I customized myself where when I push the pre-programmed button, it does 45 minutes of heat, then switches to cooling mode until 7:30am.

if I wake up in the middle of the night, I push the button and it toasts my feet and helps me fall back asleep, then switches to cooling after I drift back off!

Bed Jet also pre-loads a bunch of biorhythm programs already set up for you, too, that ramp up cooling over night and then warm you back up in the morning in 4 or 5 stages.

here's a link to them on Amazon:

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

they have a bunch of modifiers, like a flat hose which would have made it fit with our bedframe better (which I should have gotten!) and special sheets that distribute the air.

I just go the simple route and have it blow in between the top sheet and fitted sheet, and it's worked really well!

this was like the BEST targeted Facebook ad for me ever - I'd grab one again for sure! I've heard they might make a travel one, and I'm IN hahaha

my program setup for different seasons!

I've found that I like to have the same method but different temp setups for warm seasons vs cool seasons.

for fall/winter

heat, 30% fan, 87 degrees, 45 minutes

cool, 25% fan, 76 degrees, 7:30am

for spring/summer

heat, 30% fan, 84 degrees, 45 minutes

cool, 25% fan, 73 degrees, 7:30am

and any time I wake up in the night, I will push the button to toast up my toes while I fall back asleep!

if you try it, I'd love to hear what you think and what you set up for your biorhythms!


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