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 Tribe Member Resources 

Hi, friend!!

Welcome, welcome to the Essentially Inspired Tribe!!!! 

Enjoy all the resources that are organized here to help keep you in the know!

Not part of our Tribe yet?  Visit the "START OILING" tab to get you going!

Tribe members: create an account and be sure to put in your YL ID number!
I'll get you approved and you'll have access to all the exclusive fun!

Open in a browser -like Safari- for the best experience!  Most photos link to detailed posts!!


Essentially Inspired

Have fun with current recipes and material,

learn about oils for the first time in the intro class,

and enjoy making the most of your wellness adventure!

Sharing is Caring

You've fallen in love with this lifestyle,

and now you want to share with a close friend or family member, or you're interested in chasing dreams and bringing wellness to people far and wide!

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