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Sharing oils is SO rewarding!!  

Whether you're interested in helping a friend or family member here or there grab their own kit...

…or chase dreams and make a career of helping people find wellness,

this is the place to start!!!

Keep scrolling for quick links to only the basics you need to share a kit with a friend!!

Sharing is Caring

Open in a browser -like Safari- for the best experience!  Most photos link to detailed posts!!

Start  Sharing

Step by step for everything you need to know to share with one friend or share with many!!

Walk through the educational guides in order!

The Simple Cycle

Use - Love - Share - Help

The basic principles for success & HOW to do it first for yourself and then for friends!!

Sharing Essentials

Take it to the next level with more in-depth information!  You'll dive into learning about yourself, how to post and edit photos, restructuring and classes and account credits!

Inspired Sharing

Need some motivation or want to learn from someone who thinks like you??  Here, you'll find inspiration from our huge network of leaders from all walks of life and methodologies!


Quick Links

Key things you'll use over and over again as you help friends

live the wellness lifestyle!  

Helping a friend grab a kit is super easy!!! 

  1. Give them your referral link! 

  2. Help them choose a diffuser!

  3. Get them into an Intro class & our Facebook Groups!!

Check out the quick-links below to help keep everything you need right handy!

Sharing is Easy.jpg
your link.jpg

grab your sign-up link!!

Need it right away??  Follow this to the YL Website, log in, and copy your link!  

Have some time?  Finesse it and make it a little more professional looking!  Follow the link from the photo to the left to make your link stand out!! 

kit info-graphics.jpg

graphics to help answer questions!!

Click on the photo to be taken to a post with all kinds of graphics you can use to help you!  Price breakdown of the kit, diffuser comparisons, Thieves & Savvy starter kit inclusions, and teasers about all the different oils in the PSK!

sign up steps.jpg

sign up steps!!

Help walk your friend through the sign up process or send them the graphic that they can reference on their own!!!  Also screenshots of the website so you can visually see what they're seeing!  

intro to oils hookup!!!!

They've grabbed their kit!!  YAY!!!!  Let's get them into an Intro class so they can learn how to use and love their oils!!!  We have Facebook, website, messenger, & email classes to be able to best fit every person!!  

educate and empower.jpg
intro to oils options.jpg

educational resources!!

Keep the ball rolling with new recipes, fun ideas, fresh classes, and support for questions and creating of friendships with our educational resources beyond the Intro classes!  Again, a bunch of options to fit all people: website, Facebook, messenger, email!