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Welcome to Essentially Inspired

So thankful to be walking this wellness journey alongside you!!

The trick here is to find something you're passionate about, something that excites you, something that immediately draws you!! 

Having fun and experiencing something that changes your life 

YOU have the capacity for wellness and the ability to EMPOWER yourself to make your own decisions.

As a guide, move in order through the topics below to keep building and expanding on your knowledge at your own pace!!  Knowledge is power!!!  

You are the hero of your own story!!!  Choose to take charge of your wellness adventure now!

Open in a browser -like Safari- for the best experience!  Most photos link to detailed posts!!

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Intro to Oils

Everything you need to know to confidently get using your oils and find ways to most benefit you and your family right away!!  Let's do this !!

The Essentials

Navigating groups and links to resources, 

friends' favorite recipes and posts, a summary of what all is out there, and a Ditch & Switch printable plan!

An Inspired Life

Really start diving into the natural lifestyle here!

Stay up to date on classes and posts and key information happening in the groups with live and ever-changing link sections!  

Education Roadmap

An easy way to see it all in one place!!  

You'll find links in a list form here for all the topics covered in these sections!!

Stay Connected

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The Story of Essentially Inspired  


hello, friend!

I absolutely adore this tribe of wellness seekers SO much! 

My journey to a natural living lifestyle started in 2013 when a tumor was found inside the nerve sheath in my calf.  I was 29, terrified, in a ton of pain (it felt like fire), and realizing that it had been growing for 8 years since I first started feeling numbness in that area. 

I ate well, exercised.  All the right things.

I'm an engineer by training, so obvs I started researching like a maniac.  That's the point when I learned about all the terrible things living in our cabinets and in our showers.

I overhauled everything....  all cleaners and shampoos and dish soap and makeup.... everything!  I found a natural company that did it all.

But those CANDLES.  I couldn't part with an awesome smelling house! 

Flash forward a few years, I married my husband, Jason, and we were starting to talk about kids after we moved to Michigan..... which meant more research!   

And again... TERRIFYING information about the horrible things candles and air fresheners and plug-ins do to not only adults, but ESPECIALLY developing children.  

Mentioned it to a friend, and she (thankfully, mercifully, fatedly) got a Starter Kit and oils in my hands to replace them! 


Took me a while to figure it all out (hence the creation of our Intro class!), but once I did I swapped out EVERYTHING from that other company to Young Living on Essential Rewards! 

I used it for 10 months, finding SO many game changers for myself both emotionally and physically.  LIFE changing things.  

I started noticing people posting on Facebook about things I KNEW oils could help them with.... and here I was.... not sharing with anyone, secretly helping myself and no one else. 

Decided to do a class for my Mom and some friends in September 2016, thinking at least Mom would benefit from it...  and it was overwhelming the response of how many people were looking for exactly this in their lives!


...and here we are now!!!!  HUNDREDS of lives changed forever!

So thankful for everyone working together towards a common goal: helping each other live our best lives, healthy, supported, positive, fun, and full of wellness!!!  

Love you all so much!!

Let's do this!  Together!!

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