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The Great Apple Diffuser Showdown

so apple scents are a fall staple, and if you're new to oiling, you may be a little disappointed to find out that there isn't an apple essential oil!!

it's just the nature of the fruit...... you can't really make one from it!

BUT, we've got your back!!! during the month of September 2020, we collected 8 of the best apple-inspired diffuser blends and put them head to head, March Madness style!

in the end, there could be only one favorite!!

here's the breakdown by round!!!



this. is. so. so. so. so. so. so. good.

seriously - happy and uplifting and sweet! give a shout when you try this!!!

tag @essentiallyinspiredtribe on Instagram!



it's so amazing how orange can "apple up" some spiced oils!! fresh + happy smelling!



these blends are are superrrrr yummy! spicy + a breath of fall coziness! dey-lish-ous. the apple pie makes it smell like I was baking all day without the mess haha



this game was SO fun right from the start!!! the house smelled amazing trying out all the different blends and comparing them!

these rounds were super close, with the recipes moving on to the next round by just a vote or two!!!



caramel apple

mulled cider

apple pie

spiced cider

apple cider

caramel apple

apple cider

at the orchard


I love a good summary graphic, and if you do, too...... this pin's for YOU! xoxo


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