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how to make a roller bottle!

rollers: one of the most convenient ways to get your fave oils on your body! in this post, I'll help you through it start to finish!

rollers are so great! they're portable, and an awesome way to mix up a blend for something specific that you wouldn't necessarily create a diffuser blend bottle for!

cute, well traveled, mix it up! < rollers in a nutshell

without further ado, let's make a roller! { scroll past the recipe for info on carrier oils, favorite recipes, tips for dilution, and links to some favorite bottles! }

how to make an essential oil roller



  1. remove the roller top

  2. add your essential oils (30 drops in a 10 mL roller is a good place to start!!)

  3. carefully add your carrier oil

  4. even more carefully put the roller top back on

  5. tilt to mix, + roll on to enjoy!

roll on wherever needed! wrists, neck, temples, forearms, chest, spine, feet, hairline! if anything feels too minty or spicy, just take carrier oil and put it over top!


THE DETAILS { click to skip to section }



so many things you can use rollers for! here are some tribe faves:

  • emotional support roller

  • new year intention roller

  • roller for upset tummies

  • immune support roller

  • mermaid hair roller for scalp

  • eye health roller

  • perfume roller

  • muscle tension or headache roller



For ADULTS, "dilution" means using a carrier oil to spread a drop of EO over a larger surface area of the body, to help make spicy oils feel less so, or to conserve EOs when you don't need a full drop to do the trick

Example: 30 drops of Stress Away EO in a roller topped with carrier oil, or putting a drop of Panaway on your back and massaging a carrier over top to spread it out


For KIDS & PETS, "dilution" means using LESS than one drop of EO at a time on the skin. This is where rollers come in!!! A lot of mamas make up rollers for different things for their kiddos in advance so they're not trying to put a small, partial drop in their hand and add bit of carrier and not get it everywhere when wrangling kiddos! one drop in a roller - easy peasy!!!

Example: 1 drop of EO in a 10mL roller filled with carrier oil so less than one drop is put on at any one time

There are TONS of great dilution charts for kiddos based on age on Pinterest and in books - use your intuition and empower yourself!!



Carrier oils are the fatty oils that protect the nuts and seeds of plants!! Depending on skin type and what you're looking for, you can use different carrier oils for different applications!!!

  • Rosehip Oil - rich in vitamins A, C, and E, this ultra nourishing oil is perfect for dry or aging skin

  • Sweet Almond Oil - full of proteins, minerals, and vitamin E, almond oil is a very hydrating choice for dry skin

  • Avocado Oil - ideal for aging skin and boosting collagen production, avocado oil is rich in vitamins A, D, and E

  • Grapeseed Oil - high in antioxidants and vitamin C, it can regulate oil production while calming any inflammation

  • Tamanu Oil - anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, tamanu oil is perfect for active acne as well as skin prone to blackheads (and is in CBD Beauty Boost!!!)

  • Apricot Kernel Oil - both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, this light oil is great for acne prone or oily skin types

  • Jojoba Oil - very similar to our skin's natural oil production, leaves skin hydrated without the heavy shine

  • Coconut Oil - high in antioxidants & vitamin E, coconut oil can also be used for the face and body, as a cleanser or moisturizer

  • Sunflower Seed Oil - a great oil for normal skin, sunflower seed oil offers hydration and oil moderation

  • Young Living's V6 Massage Oil - an awesome blend that absorbs really well!! a combo of sesame seed oil + grapeseed oil + sweet almond oil + wheat germ oil + sunflower seed oil + olive oil

I use YL's V6 oil the most! it absorbs really nicely and doesn't have much of a smell at all! fractionated coconut oil is another fave of mine! what do you use most?



play around with these and discover what you love! there's no wrong way to make a roller!!! experiment and HAVE FUN!

  • calming & soothing - lavender or stress away or peace & calming

  • any YL blends on their own to make them stretch further - joy, harmony, hope, awaken, abundance

  • muscles & head tension - m-grain, panaway, deep relief

  • sleepy time - sleepyize, seedlings calm, cedarwood, lavender

  • happy belly - digize + peppermint

  • seasons blend - lavender + lemon + peppermint

  • mermaid hair - rosemary + cedarwood + lavender

  • immune support - thieves + frankincense + lemon

Young Living also has a TON of our favorite oils in pre-made rollers!



removing the roller top

this can be tricky to do with your fingers or the tool that comes with some roller packs.... but the solution is built right into the bottle --- the CAP!!!! use the cap to pry off the roller top!

seating the roller top back on

the cap is also your best bet for securing the roller ball top back in place. simply put it loosely into the opening, then twist the cap all the way closed - boom!!! your bottle is sealed without any crazy acrobatics that can lead to spills!!!

trying out recipes

when trying out a new recipe or using rollers for the first time, my best advice is to make HALF a roller first! that way, if it's too strong you can add more carrier and dilute a bit. if it's not strong enough for your liking, you have room to add more essential oil!!!

sometimes, rollers can be made neat

neat as in "cool", but also neat as in "100% essential oil" - you don't HAVE to put carrier in your roller if you don't want to! I have many rollers I like to have only essential oils in! (like my seasons changing roller, and my mermaid hair roller, and my perfume roller) you do you, friend!!


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