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Happy Rollers

time to re-fill the happy rollers!!! I LOVE these for all the emotional support!

....and these even more so, because they have my 3 favorite happy blends in them!


there’s something about citrus - close your eyes and think of a big juicy orange

.... makes my brain feel more cheerful even just THINKING about the smell!!!!


here’s what I’m putting in my happy rollers today!

{{{ link to the roller shop below! }}}



• 10 drops of lemon

• 10 drops of valor

-grounding + confidence + bright-



• 10 drops grapefruit

• 10 drops peppermint

-refreshing + awakening + uplifting-



• 15 drops lime

• 5 drops lavender

-soothing + relaxing + happy-


Step 1: add your essential oils to the roller!

{{{ I like mine strong, so adjust based on roller size and how you like it! }}}

Step 2: fill the rest of the way with a carrier oil

Step 3: pop the roller top back on, and you're good to go! roll on wrists or neck for a happy feeling!!

PRO TIPS: use the cap to re-seat the roller top! place the roller lightly on the bottle, then fully tighten the cap to push the roller all the way in! easy peasy!!!

love having little bottles of happy calming with me!

which one sounds most delicious to you?!?!

Note: if you're going to be getting a lot of sun, roll them where the sun don't shine - citrus oils can make your skin a little more sensitive to the sun! under clothing or on feet are a great alternative!


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Cute rollers from Whimsy & Wellness:

their accessories are seasonal, so I check them out often to see what's new!!!!


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