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Fall Diffuser Blend Showdown

It's time to get cozy, warm, + spicy! Join in on the fun as we pair our favorite diffuser blends head to head, crowning the best of the season at the end of October!

One person who votes on the Pins will win a fun fall bundle! Love giving away goodies while having fun! This one has cute earrings, a diffuser keychain cuff, rollers, gold topped bottles, and -of course- some oils!!!



vote here on Pinterest:

Pumpkin Spice vs Autumn Stroll diffuser recipe blend showdown!


SECOND ROUND - STARTS 10/8 come back soon!


Want in on oils and the wellness lifestyle?!?!

Here's more info on how I got started, and how you can, too!!!

Excited to welcome you into the tribe!!!! We have so much fun together!

Follow us + our Essentially Inspired Diffuser Recipe board for more inspiration!!!!


Essentially Inspired Tribe Members:

Head to the EssInsp: DIY Style group on Facebook for more DIY recipes, tips, & tricks!

Here's a link to the post on Facebook for our Tribe!


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