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The Perfect Path to Perfect

Perfection - or the chasing of it - is a b!tch.


I have felt so out of balance the past few years - quick to get angry and frustrated, starting and then quitting -like- everything, feeling all that teenage-turned-middle-aged angst clouding out the joy.

Something dawned on me in the bath (where I do all my best thinking, and I may or may not be naked while typing this 🧖🏻‍♀️)....

....not only have I been feeling this drive to be “perfect or it’s not worth it”, but I have ALSO been feeling like I need the *PATH* to perfection to be perfect.

Going to start eating better?

Well, I didn’t eat ONLY organic fruits and veggies and nothing else today, so fail. Binge and start over another day.

Wanting to go take some photos in the lavender field or orchard?

Well, the outfit that would color coordinate wasn’t clean, and this one looks like hot garbage today, and now I don’t even want to go - fail.

Wanting to share something funny to your stories?

Well, house isn’t picked up and our furniture isn’t the best color for photographs so -fail- will do it another day.

And on and on. And on.

Until it never happens, and the joy of the moments of life is sucked out.

We see all the inspirational quotes about finding your own “perfect”.

Or that “perfect” doesn’t exist.

But when you’re entrenched in that mentality - dudeeeee it’s hard to pull out of that spiral!

It’s hard to even SEE when you’re “in it”

The “this moment isn’t the best this moment could be, and so it’s not a worthy moment” vortex.

So it’s not only “letting go of the notion of perfection”

It’s realizing that the PATH to your goals or to happiness doesn’t have to be paved with golden bricks of perfection, either.

In all honesty, it probably shouldn’t be.

Let the moment be.

Let yourself just be.

Let your expectations be.

Just be. ✌🏻

Give yourself grace, leave room for expansion, and open that fist you’ve had clenched around the “perfect path to perfect”.

.....the cracks are where the joy comes in



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