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Hi, I'm Codi - this is my story

Hi there, I'm Codi! I am a Maine-based lover of all things wellness, fun, light, + labradoodle!

My story starts when I ditched + switched our whole house following a tumor removal at the age of 30…


me, my husband Jason, and our baby girl Chunk the labradoodle! { @ladychunkleton }


My Story

My journey started back in 2013. I had ditched and switched our whole house to The Honest Company after having had a tumor removed from my leg.….

....except for candles / air fresheners. I loved having our house smell amazing, and couldn't find a good alternative. A friend hooked me up with Young Living to swap oils in instead of those 'fragrance' toxins! So thankful, because we were talking about starting a family, and candles/air fresheners are on the "no-no" list for pregnant women and babies!

Then, I had a breakthrough with the oil blend called Joy at a yoga class. I tend to have some seasonal blues that can run deep, and that blend changed everything for me, and my “oils used for wellness” realization / journey began.

Then it snowballed into the cleaner ingredient / similar or less expensive YL versions of everything else in our home that I had been grabbing from The Honest Company!

{ cleaners, toothpaste, laundry soap, makeup, hand soap, lotions, etc } I like doing some DIYs, but D-I-Buy is more my jam!


candle replacement, clean makeup, cleaner / hand soap + sanitizer / spray / toothpaste / mouthwash


Now, helping others on their journey is my full-time gig! I love it! I spent 10 years as a Chemical Engineer, but this work with Young Living just fills me up and brings so much joy and purpose for me! Thankful, thankful, thankful!

I started my business because I wanted to share my passion for ditching toxins + supporting the body to do what it's meant to, naturally.

What started out as “just one class to teach my mom + her friends about what I'm using because they asked me to” turned into a tribe of over 800 in a few short years!

Seeing how these things changed my life - not just the toxin load reduction and the wellness support, but how freeing it was emotionally to feel empowered and to have options - I couldn't help but share.

And I'd love to have you join our community for YOUR wellness journey!

Helping be a guide and a friend is my FAVORITE!

You can do this! And I'll be there to help - however you need!




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