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It's so nice to meet you!

You're here -reading this- for a reason!

There's something in your life calling you to look for a different option. Calling you to be EMPOWERED to be an advocate for your OWN wellness, and the wellness of your family and those you love!

Knowing where to start can be tricky: it took me around 5 years of research and label studying for me to land where I was meant to be - here in the world of Young Living! We're going to keep this simple and show you how you can start kicking the toxins OUT of your home and body and start #livingyourbestlife right away..... without years of searching!

Today, we're going to talk about how to get started with all the Young Living goodness, but I want to be clear about one thing: you are NOT just "buying" something... you are joining a community of positive wellness seekers, each on our own unique journey but HELPING each other and pouring into each other's journey!

Helping to learn about new and fun things to feel better! Helping to be a source of positivity and laughter every single day! Helping to support body and emotions! Warning: you will make new, lifelong friends!

You will get out of this what you put in!! Ask questions, use the search features, listen to podcasts.... be your own hero and advocate for your own wellness!

Welcome, friend! Now.... let's get you started!!

the intro to oils class

Right now, you should be in one of four Introduction to Essentially Inspired classes!!! This class will help you learn all about these pretty little bottles of awesomeness!


When I started out, these didn't exist.... I sniffed the oils and diffused some lavender, but my kit sat unused for a long time.

I didn't have time to learn and "figure it out" on my own! Sure, the big groups were there, but it wasn't obvious what was about the Starter Kit and I wasn't sure how to search for it.... So I created a class that would take everyone through allll of the basics in one group, one straightforward format!!

Engagement, encouragement, excitement, and confidence: this is what you'll get out of this Intro class when you throw yourself into it and learn, learn, learn!!!!!!!!!

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All four classes are the same, just with staggered start times so there's always a fresh class for our new peeps!!!

Intro 1

Intro 2

Intro 3

Intro 4

the Essentially Inspired groups

We've created an amazing space for learning and sharing!

Helping each other to discover.... because hundreds of heads are better than one!!!




ESSENTIALLY INSPIRED is our discussion group for our Oils family! We're all about knowledge and education - this group has info on different oils, supplements, NingXia, and we like to keep the party rolling with giveaways and fun challenges all the time!!

We share about how oils work, frequency, meditation, sleep, resources, and all kinds of fun stuff!

If you listen to a Podcast, a video, or read a cool article.... SHARE IT!!!! Continuous learning for everyone!!



ESSINSP: DIY STYLE is where we share recipes! Everything from lotions, lip balm, and shower bombs --- to tasty drinks and appetizers!! Diffuser recipes galore in this group, too!!

Share anything you're trying and loving in there!



ESSINSP: SAVVY STYLE is our group for all things Savvy Minerals & Beauty!!!

Tips and tricks for Foundation application, Eyeshadow foiling, and face serums!

We also talk about alllllll the other Young Living beauty goodies:

facewashes, primers, moisturizers, acne treatments, and on and on....

Share your Savvy before & after!! And anything you're loving or experimenting with!!

*if any of these links do not work for you, give a shout to the friend who helped you get your kit!! They can get you in and the access you need!!



We are a total NO PRESSURE organization! …. but we've found that when people love their oils they can't even help but have it spill out and tell the people they care for about them!

Well, as you guessed, we have all the info you need to do any sharing and classes that you want!!!

We have all kinds of different people sharing! Some want to cover the cost of their oils each month, others want to earn a little extra to put towards groceries or the mortgage, and even others who have made an amazing career out of helping people feel better!

Whatever you're interested in (or not) it's all good!!! We're here for you!!!

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Navigating the YL website

When you're ready to head back to the Young Living website, come here and check out these notes!

They'll help you to grab your makeup, seedlings, thieves cleaners, kidscents, supplements, protein powder..... any of it!


TO LOGIN, you can use your username or member ID + you password..... just like any other website haha! If you need your member ID, give your friend a shout and they can hook you up!


To place a QUICK ORDER, use the search toolbar from the top of the homescreen, or go to the menu icon, down to Virtual Office - Quick Order for a more advanced search function!



Now, if you're really into the Ditch & Switch game and are up for a Monthly Wellness Box, you can head over to Virtual Office - ESSENTIAL REWARDS to set it up!


With Essential Rewards, you get points back to spend each month, a free bonus oil every 3 months, and you qualify for some of the extra free oils offered every month!


I did the math: in one year, I earned $800+ in points to spend, and received 28 oils I would not have gotten with the EXACT SAME ORDERS in the Quick Order / normal shopping cart!


So if you're grabbing the goods each month, this TOTALLY makes sense for you.

Friends don't let friends miss out on free stuff #oilercode



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Other favorite oiler groups


THE HAPPY OILERS is a group of around 50,000 oilers.... and it. is. epic. You can search for just about anything, and there's a post with a testimonial. Posting isn't allowed anymore because it got too crazy with that many people, so use that search bar!!!!



THE BEST MONDAY EVER group is where some friends do a TON of giveaways and fun classes!!! You want to be in this group, because #tonsoffreestuff …. usually on Mondays hahaha



AN OIL FOR THAT CHAT is an awesome group where you can post questions that are out of the scope of Essentially Inspired! Lots of amazing people contributing to the content there, and some fun classes, giveaways, and ideas!!

* if some of these links don't work for you, contact the person who helped you get your oils! They can give you the hook-up!!!

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And one more time... Welcome, Friend!



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