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We are an ever-growing group of HUNDREDS of people from all walks of life on the JOURNEY of supporting our bodies to be WELL, making meaningful connections with like-minded people excited to HELP each other, and having our little pocket of POSITIVITY!

This is YOUR story and YOU are the hero,

....but adventures are so much more fun when done together! 

You're ready for this: let's get you IN IT and HOOKED UP with all the resources for success!

Bye-bye, toxins!  


xoxo Pam

get started your way !

Oils !

Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit
Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit

The Oils Starter Kit

This is the FAVORITE way for most people to dive in! 

Actually, most of us have grabbed MULTIPLE Oils Starter Kits because:

1. These are the oils we use EVERY DAY

2. It's by far the best value (hello, 60% off!)

3. We want a diffuser in every room and these are crazy savings!

A quick run-down of what you get!

  • OILS - 12 of them! (the ones we use over and over!)

  • CLEANER - green, natural, IMPACTFUL cleaner

  • DIFFUSER - amazing smelling home + wellness benefits

  • NINGXIA - antioxidant wellness juice packets

  • ROLLER TOP - easy application on the spot!

  • SANITIZER - spray or gel hand/surface sanitizer

  • EDUCATION - access to alllll of our wellness resources

The Premium Starter Kits are offered at around 60% off Retail prices, and come with a Membership that gives you 24% off of everything you order in the future! 

We pride ourselves on education and never pressuring people to buy more ever - 

You are in control of your wellness journey and only order what you want, when you want!

We can't wait to share this journey with YOU, friend!

Diffuser Options

With your kit, you get a chance to choose which diffuser you want!!! 

They're ALL amazing, but the Desert Mist is a favorite and a great 'bang for your buck'!!!

The Aria with the glass dome is like the mecca of diffusers!!

Which one are you going to choose??  Which fits your decor best?!?!

Make this your first Essential Rewards order at checkout and get the free promo product of the month AND 10% back in points!!

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Thieves Home Kit !

The Thieves Starter Kit

An awesome way to detox a bunch of rooms in your home at once and get that Thieves Cleaner!!!!

The Thieves Kit is $125 for $205 worth of clean living and includes: 

  • Thieves Cleaner Concentrate (2 bottles) 

  • Thieves Essential Oil

  • Thieves Hand Purifier (2 bottles) 

  • Thieves Spray (2 bottles) 

  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (2 bottles) 

  • Thieves Toothpaste 

Thieves Cleaner

Plant-based and AMAZING, this stuff has cleaning POWER.

We love it for: 

  • Kitchens

  • Windows & Mirrors

  • Bathrooms

  • Floors of all types

  • Stove & Oven Scrub

  • Stain Remover

  • Couch Cleaner

  • Car Cleaner

  • Shower Scrub

  • Basement Carpet Deodorizer

  • Toilets

  • Laundry Booster

And that one bottle of concentrate makes FOURTEEN huge spray bottles of cleaner.  EPIC!

Our tribe LOVES allll the Thieves goodies!

We have DOZENS and DOZENS of tips, cheat sheets, DIYs, + recipes in our community resources -

you can hop right in once you join the tribe!

Make this your first Essential Rewards order at checkout,

and get the free promo product of the month, and get 10% back in points!!

CBD Starter Bundle

The CBD Starter Kit !

This Bundle is for *New Friends Only* !

A huge savings at 20%-30% off

AND you get your membership for discounts for the rest of your life that includes access to our Community and education groups!

The CBD Starter Kits come with: 

  • CALM CBD ROLLER - we love this before bed! 

  • CITRUS CBD OIL - amazing scent & easy to use!

  • CBD JOINT & MUSCLE BALM - feels wonderful!

You can choose from two strengths: 


Make this your first Essential Rewards order at checkout,

and get the free promo product of the month, and get 10% back in points!!

CBD Info

This is some of the stuff we've learned about CBD that has put our minds at ease as far as choosing Young Living & Nature's Ultra as a source! 

  • YL & NU CBD comes from hemp

  • Hemp and Marijuana are not the same thing

  • Both are cannabis, but hemp is more tree-like 

  • Hemp produces 97.7%+ CBD naturally

  • Marijuana was bred to produce mostly THC and little CBD

  • Nature's Ultra CBD is USDA Organic with ZERO THC!

  • AND it's Young Living Seed to Seal as well!!

  • ...which is awesome, because hemp wicks up what is in the soil.... so guarantee of no pesticides or heavy metals is KEY

  • Soooo much more info is available in classes to members! Don't worry, we've got your back on education!

Here's more information about CBD, Nature's Ultra & Young Living farming practices,

quality assurance, and the Seed to Seal standard!

Remember:  Each state has their own regulations and laws pertaining to CBD.

Please educate yourself on your state’s regulations prior to purchasing and or/using CBD.

Savvy Minerals Makeup

Why Clean Up Your Makeup ?


What goes ON your skin gets INTO your body?

And that the average woman puts over 300 different chemicals on her body before breakfast?

And that the US bans only 11 of the 1,300+ chemical cosmetic ingredients that the Europe and other countries ban? 

And that only about 1,000 of the 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products have safety data?

And the FDA (which regulates cosmetics) allows companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful, like lead, formaldehyde, and phthalates? 

It's a scary realization that shelf does not always equal safe!  

We want to share with you some of the things we've ditched & switched in our beauty routines to decrease that chemical and toxic load on or bodies daily! 

The Savvy Minerals Starter Kit

The best way to ditch your makeup!!

$254 of high-end goodness for $150!! 

  • Foundation

  • Blush

  • Eyeshadows (3 shades) 

  • Lip Gloss

  • Foundation Brush

  • Misting Spray for Application

  • Lavender Essential Oil

You choose your Foundation shade, and Young Living matches the rest for you to go perfectly with your complexion!!!

Make this your first Essential Rewards order at checkout,

and get the free promo product of the month, and get 10% back in points!!

Your Community!

We pride ourselves on sharing and keeping education about all kinds of wellness topics fresh and current! 

When you're in the Essentially Inspired Tribe, you'll have access to all of these fantastic groups and so many other resources! 

diy cover.jpg

DIY Style

Recipes, cool crafts, money saving ideas: they're all in here!  Share fun things you are trying or recipes you've found!  Sharing is caring!!!! 

EI cover.jpg

Essentially Inspired

Our little social media sanctuary of positivity!  We share things we're learning about, fun promos, giveaways, and help each other stay in the know!

savvy cover.jpg

Savvy Style

This group is all about Savvy Minerals makeup tutorials, beauty products YL has to offer (there are a LOT!), and DIY hacks for a glowing and pampered you!

First  Things First ! 

Grab your kit, set up your account, and hop in our Intro to Oils class! 

Your wellness journey starts now!

The Essentially Inspired tribe is super excited to meet you and walk with you on your wellness journey!

Kicking the toxins is what fuels this tribe - whether it be our bodies, our homes or our pets! We are here to answer your questions and fuel your knowledge!!. Whoo hoo to choosing wellness! Let's do this!!!!
#knowledgeispower #findyourfun

xoxo Pam

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Citrus Fresh Vitality

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This is a  L I F E S T Y L E !!!

This community and this company: it's a LIFESTYLE. 

Get those toxins OUT of your body and OUT of your life.

A few that we adore:

  • Savvy Minerals Makeup

  • Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak

  • Thieves Mouthwash

  • Thieves Whitening Toothpaste

  • Deodorant that actually WORKS!

  • Household Cleaner 

  • Einkorn Ancient Grain Flakes Cereal

  • Supplements!!!!  Probiotics, Multigreens, Joint & Ligament Support, Calcium, Vitamin B... alllll kinds!

  • Antioxidant juice and energy drinks (we all love our NingXia Red!!!) 

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel

  • Seedlings baby EVERYTHING! 

  • And a TON more!  Over 600 

So excited you're on this journey with us! 

Start small!  Replace one thing at a time as you run out!

Little steps add up to GREAT things when you consistently take them!

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