Congrats ! 

You shared wellness & fun with your first friend!   So exciting!!!

our philosophy

We believe that wellness is more fun with friends!

When you fall in love with something that has added so much to your own life, it's natural to want to shout it from the rooftops and share with the people you care about most!!  

Young Living is all referral based, so who you grab a kit from matters,

because that's the community you're plugged into forever!

Sharing Young Living as a business means this:

Being willing to give of your time to help others find wellness!! 

Whether it's learning and then doing a post in our discussion group, casually helping your cousin, chatting with your Mom, doing classes, or having Young Living be a career, we have all types of sharers inside Essentially Inspired! 

You will never be pressured to share, but when you're ready, there is so much opportunity out there!

the opportunity

There's ALL KINDS of opportunity within Young Living!

For a lot of us, we're chasing dreams while fulfilling a calling!

You have your kit that you grabbed to use oils for yourself, and that's the only thing you need to get started!

THAT'S IT!  No other investment!  Just your kit, your love for others, and as much time as you'd like to spend!


We love to celebrate in our Tribe! 

Here are some HUGE milestones we've celebrated since we started in September 2016!

*Check out the Income Disclosure Statement for full information about average compensation!

Income Disclosure.jpg

together, we rise

You're never in this alone!!

And doing this TOGETHER means that many hands make for light work! 

We create classes together, help answer questions, create educational material for the whole tribe, share photos, bounce around ideas, and encourage, support, and celebrate.... TOGETHER!

We'd love to have you on this journey, changing lives for generations to come!!  


sharing cover.jpg

Sharing is Caring

Our little hub for inspiration, pre-made classes for you to use, photos, graphics, and where we brainstorm how to educate and inspire wellness in our friends and family members!

casual sharer.jpg

The Casual Sharer

The basics of sharing!  How to grab your referral link, how to help your friend get info all of our groups and resources, terminology, and a bunch of other fun things to get you started in your first stages of sharing!

together in wellness

I am SO excited for you!!!  Your first Kit share!! 

You're on the road to helping SO many people!

I'd love to chat!  Use the button to shoot an email my way! 

Let's do this thing!!!

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