your life, your way

I personally have a few of each of these collections, and you really can't go wrong, to be honest! 

They all move you towards your goals: the wellness you deserve, the clean life you're going to live,

and the fun you'll have with a tribe you will trust!

The Oils Kit is my favorite: it includes 12 oils + a diffuser + Thieves Cleaner + Thieves Hand Purifier + NingXia Red!

It's so awesome and such an amazing deal at 50% off retail, I actually have 5 of them! I use these oils at least weekly, and most of them daily. They. Are. STAPLES.

You'll have your own account, where you'll order only what you want only when you want it!

No monthly minimums or membership fees!

The Savvy Minerals and Thieves kits have the same discount and same benefits!  

Let's check them out and see which one works best with your lifestyle! 

Let's Start !

where are you going to start  ?

Want to detox your air and support proper function of your body systems?

Start with the Oils!

Want to switch your makeup to gorgeous AND clean?

Start with Savvy Minerals!

Want to go all-natural for your kitchen, bathroom, and cleaning?

Start with Thieves!

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Did you know your skin is the largest organ of your body?

And did you know that everything you put ON your body gets IN your body?

That's why you want the cleanest of the clean.... no parabens, phthalates, dyes, fragrances.... basically: no crap!

New to Mineral Makeup? I was! Super pumped to find the staying power and coverage of this makeup is LEGIT.

Let me share a bit more with you......

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Some days my DIY game is strong, and other days? ummmmm….. not so much.

The Thieves line of home products has been so awesome. I know I'm getting awesome ingredients in a form that will just WORK.

....delivered to my door, long lasting because they're super concentrated, utilizing the Thieves blend of essential oils that is used to support overall wellness, and it just gets the job DONE, son!

Carpet stains, clothing stains, dirty & germy hands, it does it all!


Let's check it out!!!

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This kit is EVERYTHING.

So much wellness potential in one box! 

You'll use some of these oils multiple times a day, and all of them at least every week! 

Replace toxic candles & air fresheners, support digestion and detox, happy muscles, alllll kinds of immune system support, happy breathing, DIY potential you've only ever DREAMED about!

I could literally talk for hours about just this box of goodness!  Check out the slides and get excited! 

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you're never alone

As soon as you click that last submit button and your kit is on the way to you,

you are part of the Essentially Inspired family!!!

Here's what the first days will look like for you:

First, you're added to an Intro to Essential Oils class!


You'll learn everything from safety, to uses for every bottle, to recipes, to beauty, to awesome resources for educations.


We don't mess around... we take care of our peeps! An educated oiler is a happy oiler!

Next, we'll get you into Essentially Inspired!

We have our discussion group where we share things we're learning and loving!!


There's tons of education and classes on oils, supplements, and all kinds of other fun stuff!

Our DIY group is where we share diffuser recipes, food recipes, sugar scrubs, soaps, lotions, lip balms, cleaning tips, face masks..... alllll kinds of amazingness!

And lastly, we have our beauty group!! Young Living has a total kick-butt makeup line called "Savvy Minerals", and it is so freaking awesome!


There are so many beauty and skincare products, ready to go and infused with essential oils - primers, lotions, facewashes, acne treatment.... everything!

Get excited!!!  These resources will all be right here waiting for you!!  Let's do this!!

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We can't wait to see you!

Our Essentially Inspired tribe is super excited to get to know you and walk with you on your wellness journey!!!

Any questions, any time.... just give me a shout!!

Let's do this wellness thing!!!!!


Need Some Help?

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Check out this step by step guide, or shoot an email to me!

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