Essential  Rewards 

Picture This...

Target is all of a sudden giving you 20% back on all purchases in a gift card to use later.

Every three months that you buy your normal household things there, you also get a free gift!

And THEN they also let you get two MORE free bonus items each month.

How FREAKING EPIC would that be??

Young Living actually IS that epic!!!

Here's why we are crazy for Essential Rewards:

What is Essential Rewards ??

Essential Rewards (ER) is a monthly subscription box!!

  • YOU choose what's in your box

  • 10% back your first 3 months!

  • 20% back until month 24!

  • 25% back after that!!!  

  • Every three months a free gift oil 

  • Can earn 2 free ER Exclusive promos each month 

How do I get going ??

  • Log in to your Young Living Account

  • Go to Menu - Virtual Office - Essential Rewards 

  • Follow the steps to get rolling!! 

  • You are in complete control: choose your box's shipping date and customize what's in it!!  You can change it as many times as you like up until your shipping date (and you can change the date whenever you'd like!!) 

  • Scared of being locked in?  No worries: if you ever need to cancel, just call customer service and in less than 5 min you'll be all set, no questions, no pestering, no begging... YOU are in control! 

Bundle, Baby!!

You're all about free stuff and kicking synthetics..... but where to start?!?!

Your tribe has your back!!! We've put together some of our FAVORITE 50PV bundles!!

Mix, match, go straight down the line, make it your own - it's all about what YOU need!!  Have all the fun!!!!

School Bundle

School time gets crazy!  Your oils are here to help!!

Month 1: Stay Well 

  • Thieves 15mL Oil for alllllll the wellness support!  Diffuse, roll on, Thieves Vitality tea.... this is the BEST immune system supporter! 

  • Cinnamint Lip Balm -  energizing Cinnamon + Peppermint + Spearmint + Orange moisturizes lips and does the body good 

  • Thieves Spray - an amazing sanitizing spray for lockers, desks, carts, tables, chairs

  • Thieves Hand Purifier - minty and amazing, this bottle lasts so long and kills 99.9% of germs ..... without harmful synthetics!  

Month 2: Focus & Sleep 

  • Cedarwood 15mL, Vetiver 5mL, Rosemary 5mL, Seedlings Calm 5mL 

  • You'll find a lot of cross-over between Focus and Sleep with the oils that still and quiet the mind also lending for memory and focus!!  Makes sense!!!  These are staples for all the Focus or Sleep roller and diffuser blends!!! 

Month 3: All the Emotions 

  • Bergamot 5mL, Lime 5mL, Orange 5mL, Surrender 5mL 

  • School and all that comes with it can be SO fun....... and also a bit stressful! 

  • Adding these emotional uplifting and energizing powerhouses to your arsenal are so wonderful!!  Diffuser, roll on (where the sun don't shine - citrus can = sun sensitive), or drink a drop of the citrus vitality to support mental well-being!

***Remember: after 3 straight months, you start getting 20% back in points to spend AND another free subscriber bonus oil!!  3 months Peppermint, 6 months Thieves, 9 months Tea Tree, 12 months Loyalty Blend! 

Back to School.jpg
Thieves Bundle.jpg

Thieves Bundle

On your way to a healthy home!!! 

Month 1: Clean It Up!

  • Thieves Cleaner - makes FOURTEEN big spray bottles (32 oz each!!)  You won't miss your Lysol or Bleach!  Check out Essentially Inspired for some science experiments!!  

  • Thieves Dish Soap! - smells amazing and makes 2-3 bottles of dish soap!  Thieves power!

  • Thieves Spray - cart handles, toilet seats, steering wheels, hands... does it all!!! 

  • Thieves Hand Purifier - kills 99.9% of germs without all the crap!  Not sticky!!! 

Month 2: Fruit, Veggies, & Clothes

  • This Thieves Laundry soap cleans the dirtiest loads AND makes 3 bottles!!!!! 

  • You've GOT to check out the amazingness of the Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak.  Thieves & Digize oils clean up the bad stuff..... including pesticides!!!!  BRILLIANT.  

  • Round it off with the Thieves Fruit & Veggie spray.... love it for apples and on the go!

Month 3: Teeth & Hands 

  • Thieves Toothpaste is a WOW!  Yummy and without fluoride or foaming agents, your bod will thank you!  Many of us (hygienists included in our group!) have been using it for YEARS with rave reviews from our dentists! 

  • Thieves Mouthwash is ahhhmaymay - the burn of the clean and the fresh breath without all the chemicals!!!  Some dental offices are using it for patients to help .... freshen up.... before their cleaning starts! 

  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap 3-pack!  Every sink in your house deserves some love and clean hands!!  Don't worry: there's a concentrated refill to fill you back up!  AND each one of these has a concentrated solution so actually makes 2-3 bottles each! 

***Remember: after 3 straight months, you start getting 20% back in points to spend AND another free subscriber bonus oil!!  3 months Peppermint, 6 months Thieves, 9 months Tea Tree, 12 months Loyalty Blend! 

 Coming Soon 

Savvy Makeup Bundles

Allllllll the Foxy with none of the Toxy!!!

Month 1: Face Base 

  • Savvy Minerals Foundation - Cool 1, 2 or 3 - Warm 1, 2, or 3 - Dark 1, 2, 3, or 4 - feels light on the skin but can get EXCELLENT coverage.  I'm a coverage girl and I need a LOT of it, and I was nervous to make the swap to mineral makeup, but am so glad I did!!  

  • Savvy Minerals Misting Spray - specifically made to help pick the minerals up onto your brush and deposit them so that they stick!  The oils in this blend are GLORIOUS for the skin! 

Month 2: Gorgeous Eyes 

  • Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow Palette - Palette 1 (pictured) - Natural Quartz - Royal Winter - Sahara Sunset.  I absolutely LOVE all 4 of them, and you can go from daytime everyday look to a glammed up nighttime look no problem!  There are also 12 loose eyeshadows, too! 

Month 3: Cheeks & Lashes 

  • Savvy Minerals Blush - choose from Charisma (pictured) and 10 other blushes and bronzers!  

  • Savvy Minerals Mascara - lovely length and fullness with a hint of lash-growth-boosting lavender oil!!  Keep those toxins away from your eyes while looking glam! 

Month 4: Lips 

  • The average woman eats 4 lbs of lipstick / lip balm in her life - make sure yours is CLEAN!

  • Savvy Minerals Lipsticks - long wear and hints of plumping oils!  Ranging  from neutrals to bold purples, bright pinks, and sultry reds!!  

  • Lip Balm - Cinnamint, Grapefruit, Lavender, or Vanilla Mint!  Soooo yummy & moisturizing!!!

Month 5: Gloss & Liner  

  • Savvy Minerals Lip Gloss is poppin' in 7 shades from neutral to bright pinks & peaches! Lovely for layering over lipsticks!  And peppermint for plump! 

  • Savvy Minerals Eyeliner - Jet Setter is a gorgeous black liner!!  Browns more your jam?  Check out the 4 shades of brown Multitaskers for eyebrows and edges!!!  

  • Add on a Savvy Minerals Eyeliner Brush to the perfect line! 

Month 6: Brush Set 

  • Essential Brush Set is fantastic! Specifically made in Italy to work with our mineral makeup, they keep the color on the end of the brush for better application and so you don't lose a lot of product into your brush!!!  Valued at over $200, Young Living brings them to us for $85! 

  • Comes with a beautiful carrying case and labeled brushes for Foundation, Blush, Veil (finishing), Blending, & Eyeshadow!  

  • The softest brushes you'll ever own!!  

***Remember: after 3 straight months, you start getting 20% back in points to spend AND another free subscriber bonus oil!!  3 months Peppermint, 6 months Thieves, 9 months Tea Tree, 12 months Loyalty Blend! 

Savvy 1.jpg
Savvy 2.jpg
Kids 1.jpg
Kids 2.jpg

Kids Bundles

Support those little bodies to be their best selves!!! 

Month 1: Bath Time Heros  

  • Kidscents Shampoo, Body Wash, & Lotion are faves of YL Moms!!

  • Cleans and moisturizes without harsh synthetics or chemicals that can disrupt hormones and impact developing bodies!  And they smell magical!!!  

Month 2: Tummies & Teeth 

  • Kidscents Toothpaste - so yummy, and cleans those little chompers!  Our tribe Dental Hygienist Moms approve!!  You don't have to worry about fluoride or other nasty things!  So wonderful the peace of mind! 

  • Kidscents Mighty Pro - a probiotic AND prebiotic!  Healthy guts and supported digestion!  Individual little packets taste like pixie sticks, with the probiotic gets it's food from the prebiotic to encourage the cultures to do what they need to! 

  • Kidscents TummyGize - a minty fresh oil that's so good for little bellies!  After eating strange foods, too much, a nervous tummy, or any time digestive support is needed, TummyGize is a family friend!!  

Month 3: Sleep, Scuffs, & Sniffles  

  • Kidscents SleepyIze - such a calming and relaxing blend!  A fave for rolling on or diffusing before bed time!!  An awesome paring with Feather the Owl Diffuser!!  

  • Kidscents Owie - a parent's favorite for rough and tumble kiddos!!  Skin loving oils are all whipped up in this blend!!  Gotta have it!! 

  • Kidscents SniffleEase - a fresh kind of cough drop scent!  Love it diffused and rubbed onto the chest when the airways and breathing need some extra support! 

Month 4: Listening Ears & Focus 

  • Kidscents Geneyus - an amazing oil for focus and putting on listening ears!  Smells fresh and clean and bright!!  Fantastic for all kiddos whether winding down after play or getting ready for school!  

  • Kidscents Toothpaste - re-stock of your new favorite toothpaste!!!  Never want to run out! 

Month 5: Vitamins 

  • Kidscents MightyVites - a wonderful vitamin for kids that gives the vitamins and minerals growing bodies need!  No artificial colors or flavors!  The oils also help with the body's ability to use the vitamins, too!!  Yay! 

  • Kidscents SleepyIze - a nightly favorite for your household now, you'll want to stock up to use in your room and stock a bottle in every bedroom!  Love itttttt!  

Month 6: Enzymes  

  • Kidscents EssentialZymes - enzymes are SO important to proper digestion (and health of body and mind and emotions!!!!  The gut is KEY!)  Enzymes help break down food into smaller pieces that our digestive system can handle!  These enzymes are specifically for kiddos!!  Yay!! 

  • Kidscents TummyGize - little bellies are calling (including puppy!!) and TummyGize has the answer!!  Keep an extra bottle, because when the need arises, you want this near you! 

***Remember: after 3 straight months, you start getting 20% back in points to spend AND another free subscriber bonus oil!!  3 months Peppermint, 6 months Thieves, 9 months Tea Tree, 12 months Loyalty Blend! 

 Coming Soon 

This is a  L I F E S T Y L E !!!

This goes wayyyyy beyond CBD and Essential Oils!

This community and this company: it's a LIFESTYLE. 

Get those toxins OUT of your body and OUT of your life.

A few that we adore:

  • Savvy Minerals Makeup

  • Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak

  • Thieves Mouthwash

  • Thieves Whitening Toothpaste

  • Deodorant that actually WORKS!

  • Household Cleaner 

  • Einkorn Ancient Grain Flakes Cereal

  • Supplements!!!!  Probiotics, Multigreens, Joint & Ligament Support, Calcium, Vitamin B... alllll kinds!

  • Antioxidant juice and energy drinks (we all love our NingXia Red!!!) 

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel

  • Seedlings baby EVERYTHING! 

  • And a TON more!  Over 600 

So excited you're on this journey with us! 

Start small!  Replace one thing at a time as you run out!

Little steps add up to GREAT things when you consistently take them!

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