a sneak peek into the tribe !

We like to have fun, so we like to keep things as easy peasy lemon vitality squeezie as possible!! 

We've split our Facebook groups into 3 categories to help everyone find things faster and keep things straight!! 

We love sharing things we love and helping each other!!  Check out a small piece of the awesomeness!


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DIY Style

Recipes, cool crafts, money saving ideas: they're all in here!  Share fun things you are trying or recipes you've found!  Sharing is caring!!!! 

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Essentially Inspired

Our little social media sanctuary of positivity!  We share things we're learning about, fun promos, giveaways, and help each other stay in the know!

Ready to Play?

We'd love to have you on this adventure with us!!

Use this link to grab a kit and get started!!!!

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Savvy Style

This group is all about Savvy Minerals makeup tutorials, beauty products YL has to offer (there are a LOT!), and DIY hacks for a glowing and pampered you!

some favorite recipes!

Want to check out a sprinkling of some of the fun recipes we share and create and use all the time???

We love these!  But remember: they're recipes to be used with only super high quality oils for safety!

So grab some Young Living oils and get your DIY on!!!!!  

diffuser recipes

With diffuser recipes like these - that actually BENEFIT the body - you'll never miss those toxic fire sticks!!!

Cleaning & Washing

So awesome to be able to clean up with none of the bad stuff!

Let's have some fun!!

There's soooo much more than this!  Come on, friend!!! 


Fun and wellness support are waiting for you!!!!


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