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Young Living Independent Distributors

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I was too scared to try CBD

It's true!!  For all I have read about natural and holistic wellness, I was too nervous to try CBD.

Was I going to get high? 

Was it going to do something bad? 

How do you know what brand isn't some guy in his Mom's basement mashing it up in a blender?

(yes, I went there in my mind!) 

When Young Living released that they had partnered with Nature's Ultra for CBD, I knew I was FINALLY going 

to get some real, reliable, informed education about it!  

....because once we learn and research for ourselves, we can be empowered advocates for our own wellness! 

Here, we'll share a bit with you about how we've come to trust this source, 

and how you can get started!! 

The CBD Offerings

It's so cool how they paired the CBD with essential oils to enhance the impact!  Love how you get the benefits of both!

More will be coming soon, but here's what available now at the member's discounted price: 

  • Pet CBD Oil (Unflavored) in 200mg + 400mg

  • Calm CBD Roll-on in 300mg + 600mg

  • CBD Muscle Rub in 300mg + 600mg

  • Cool Mint CBD Oil in 500mg + 1000mg

  • Citrus CBD Oil in 500mg + 1000mg

  • Cinnamon CBD Oil in 500mg + 1000mg

Tons more scents / actions and CBD levels coming soon!!!  Grab a membership to get your discount!

CBD Info

This is some of the stuff we've learned about CBD that has put our minds at ease as far as choosing Young Living & Nature's Ultra as a source! 

  • YL & NU CBD comes from hemp

  • Hemp and Marijuana are not the same thing

  • Both are cannabis, but hemp is more tree-like 

  • Hemp produces 97.7%+ CBD naturally

  • Marijuana was bred to produce mostly THC and little CBD

  • Nature's Ultra CBD is USDA Organic with ZERO THC!

  • AND it's Young Living Seed to Seal as well!!

  • ...which is awesome, because hemp wicks up what is in the soil.... so guarantee of no pesticides or heavy metals is KEY

  • Soooo much more info is available in classes to members! Don't worry, we've got your back on education!

Here's more information about CBD, Nature's Ultra & Young Living farming practices,

quality assurance, and the Seed to Seal standard!

How to get started !

To get the member's CBD discount (and free swag coming soon!),

grab the Basic Stress Away Oil Kit!!

  • Stress Away Essential Oil is a blend of Copaiba (also amazing for CB receptors!), Lime, Ocotea, Cedarwood, & Lavender

  • It's a favorite oil of oilers everywhere! 

  • The basic Stress Away kit also includes:

    • Antioxidant juice packets!!​​​

    • Thieves Household Cleaner packet!

    • 24% wholesale discount on all YL products

    • Nature's Ultra member's discount

    • Access to allllll of our classes & resources

    • An awesome community to walk along side you on your wellness journey! 

  • After you grab a Basic Stress Away Kit, we'll help you link up to Nature's Ultra for your CBD discount!!  ​

Remember:  Each state has their own regulations and laws pertaining to CBD.

Please educate yourself on your state’s regulations prior to purchasing and or/using CBD.

Excited to Start ??

Use this button to find your friend who sent you here's referral into to get yourself started ! 

Already in the Essentially Inspired Young Living Tribe or just grabbed the Basic Stress Away Kit?? 

Grab your CBD by linking up:

Menu - Virtual Office - Quick Order - Nature's Ultra CBD

Finish account setup through your email and you're ready to shop!!

This is a  L I F E S T Y L E !!!

This goes wayyyyy beyond CBD and Essential Oils!

This community and this company: it's a LIFESTYLE. 

Get those toxins OUT of your body and OUT of your life.

A few that we adore:

  • Savvy Minerals Makeup

  • Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak

  • Thieves Mouthwash

  • Thieves Whitening Toothpaste

  • Deodorant that actually WORKS!

  • Household Cleaner 

  • Einkorn Ancient Grain Flakes Cereal

  • Supplements!!!!  Probiotics, Multigreens, Joint & Ligament Support, Calcium, Vitamin B... alllll kinds!

  • Antioxidant juice and energy drinks (we all love our NingXia Red!!!) 

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel

  • Seedlings baby EVERYTHING! 

  • And a TON more!  Over 600 

So excited you're on this journey with us! 

Start small!  Replace one thing at a time as you run out!

Little steps add up to GREAT things when you consistently take them!

Let's have some fun!!

There's soooo much more than this!  Come on, friend!!! 


Fun and wellness support are waiting for you!!!!